Upgrade from my Geforce 8800 GTS 320mb

i Am building a new machine

already have the
i7 930
6gb ram
asus P6X58D PREMIUM.

I was going to use my old card the GeForce 8800 GTS 320mb, but i cant decide.

I am not much into gaming as such, mainly heavy duty applications, but the occasional Age of Empires etc....

Should i keep the card or get an upgrade, i wouldnt mind... as long as there is a huge difference in performance.
Not too expensive.

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  1. Unless you're playing more than AOE, a better card won't really make a difference. You could get a much more powerful card like a 5850 for $300, or a 5770 which is somewhat more powerful for $160, but you probably wouldn't notice the difference aside from gaming. BTW, what "heavy duty applications"?
  2. if all you are doing is playing age of empires just keep your current card.

    Upgrade your video when there is a reason to for a range of games you want to play.
  3. As you are not much into gaming, I would use the card you have and record the benchmarks you get.

    The go to the 'charts' on here and compare your benchmark. Then you can decide whether the numbers and the price is worth the upgrade.
  4. yup thats what i thought... thanks for the quick respose,

    actually the whole idea was, i was giving my old machine to my dad, the q6600 with a gigabyte mobo, but the mobo needs a graphics card for the display, am gonna go for a cheap entry level card that should be good enough to run a display.
    Any suggestions now that am not upgrading. I had an extra agp card lying around but gigabyte has no slot.
  5. assuming all your dad does is read email, check stock prices, and watch Kesha videos on youtube; an ATI 3450 or 4350 will fill his needs.
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