Good parts for price?

Found this online, good price for what im getting?

OS : Windows 7 64 bit
Ram : 4 gigs SLI OCZ ( 8 Gigs G Skill, and 4 gigs OCZ Reaper Included ) for a total 16 gigs of ram!
GPU Nvidia GTX 280 1gb ddr3 2GB in current configuration ( included as well ATi 4870 1 Gb GDDR5, 2x 8800 GTX Supercooled) Thats 4 GPUS' See bot for info
Motherboard: 680i SLI mobo
Hard Drives : 2x 7200 RPM 150 GB!'
CPU : intel Core 2duo 6750 ( ALSO included AMD Black Phenom Quad core CPU) Great Deal!
Monitor: 1 Alienware OPTX 22" LCD 1080p Monitor ( INCLUDED AS WELL a LG 1080P 24" Monitor) thats 2 1080P monitors
Pre configured any way you like. This is a dream deal I have a ton of hard ware which I will let you see and test if you like that all comes in this deal for $600. Performs amazing in all video games to date!
I will also Include a Starcraft 2 Beta key with the deal!.

Total cost- $600

If i decide to buy this and try it out, what should I look for as a red-flag not to buy
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  1. Uhh, found where? The first red flag is it sounds a little to good to be true.
    I mean it looks like a cheesy ebay ad or something a huckster would say!
    So I would want to know.....
    1. From where?
    2. Warranty??
    3. Proof its not stolen
  2. Craigslist lol

    Dont think theres a warranty


  3. Ok, wasnt bashing, your info was thin!
    Might be a real good deal, seems legit army dudes gotta move thing.
    Go look at what hes got, maybe try to make sure hes military (without hacking him off)
    If you can afford it, its all up to you. watch about how compatable all the extra ram is.
    Seems hes kinda just pilling it in as extras.

    Good luck! Dead
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