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  1. Wow its up to 10k already. Surely they can simply wait a month and buy it retail for 1k but I guess there are people in this world who are bawling rich and has 9x 30" monitors and really really need the extra 2 GB of ram so he can crossfire with his other 5970

    Too bad it isn't watercooled.
  2. I wish I was one of those people.
  3. Some people have WAY TOO MUCH disposable income...
  4. You'll notice it also comes with a good amount of extra stuff, including a bunch of signatures from the "XFX Girls", cast of the video, and I probably wouldn't doubt some of the engineers who designed the thing all on what is probably a pretty cool wooden case. Not to say that's worth $9,000 -- but hey, if someone wants it that bad, I ain't mad. I wish I had money like that to blow.
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