Moving data from one hard drive to another for a newbie?

Hi all,

I need to transfer all the files apart from the OS from my laptop hard drive to a new 3.5inch hard drive in a new desktop, where I will install a new OS.

For a pretty big computer noob, what is the easiest way to do this?

Thanks :)
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  1. You could get an external drive enclosure(not real expensive) for the laptop drive, remove the laptop drive, install it in the enclosure, and plug it into a usb on the pc.
  2. is the laptop HDD a SATA drive? If so just hook it up like a normal 3.5in drive to your desktop and copy and paste.
  3. Install Windows on the new desktop. Remove the laptop hard drive and connect it to the new desktop using this if it has pins on the end of the drive -

    If the laptop drive does not have pins, you need to connect 2 cables from the desktop motherboard to the drive in order for it to operate. Here's the power cable -
    and here's the data connection cable (called SATA) -

    With the power off, connect the laptop drive to either the adapter or directly to the motherboard of the new desktop. If using the adapter, turn on the power before powering up the computer.

    Once inside windows open Windows Explorer and copy your files from the laptop drive (might be drive E: if you have a CD/DVD drive) to the C: drive of the new desktop. You might want to create a new folder called LAPTOP and put all the files in there to complet the process, and shut down the desktop. Now you can disconnect the laptop drive and put it back in the laptop.

    Power up the desktop and organize them however you feel. Power up the laptop and delete them.
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