Choosing Hard Drive for new built

alright as u have all read i need a hard drive for the new build that i am almost done with but i can't decide as always. Before pulling the trigger i would like to know

If the hard drive below is good for os and game installs ?

does Toshiba make good hdd's ?

will i feel the difference between the 32 mb cache and 64 mb cache or is it just a bunch of bs?

i really can't spend on 2 things such as ssd and hard drive so i'm only buying hdd maybe later on i will buy ssd but not right now.

i guess that's about it, i can't think of any more question's so thanks for reading and commenting everybody :)
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  1. ya its ok, BUT
    you want a ssd for the os and that hard drive for backups and applications.

    samsung 830

    mushkin chronos (<---my fav)
  2. I don't have the money for an ssd right now but i will put one in the future.
  3. so what do u think should i buy it or not
  4. No major difference between the brands ... TOSHIBA is ok...

    As for your requirements, usage portfolio would be heavy read, and maybe heavy write...

    you can consider below:
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