SSD Trim with RAID0 Storage?

I need to know if you can have an SSD running with Trim, and then have a Raid 0 stripped array for storage?
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  1. Yes, that is certainly possible.

    Although, generally RAID0 is not good for storage, because if 1 disk fails or corrupts you lose everything.

    You would need to use 2 separate controllers, or have a controller that can assign a RAID to only specific drives.

    What MB do you have?
  2. No it is not. TRIM does not work properly when SSDs are put in RAID-0. Certain software RAID solutions may support TRIM in RAID-0 but very few if any hardware solutions support it. Intel's RST and RSTe controllers do not yet support it.
  3. If you re-read the OP... Have an SSD *and* a RAID for storage.

    It's pretty common to have an SSD boot drive, and then 1 or multiple disks for storage.
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