Replacing my video card

hello, i have gateway dx4300-19 w/ ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
with a weak 300 watts supply , what is the best card possible for these spec's ? one more question if i replace my power supply w/ a 650 watt what would be the best video card possilbe? or the best for the system? thanks guys,i'm new to this stuff any help would be great
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  1. for the 300w unit its the ATI 5670

    for the 650w unit, match your monitors spec & budget with the link below. You can run any single card outside of the outrageously expensive flagship models.,2598.html
  2. would the ATI 5670 be able to run games like crysis ? my old machine ran 9800gtx+ how does ATI 5670 compare? is my machine able to run the 2 card type video cards? oh and thanks for the help
  3. the 5670 runs like an OC 9600GT,or just a tad under the 9800GT.

    In order for your machine to run 2 x 9800GTX+, it would need to have an SLI motherboard and a power supply capable to handle both cards. You would need to check into that.
  4. your gateway only has one PCI-E slot so no SLI for you. If you currently have a Nvidia 9800GTX+, use that then jusy buy a new PSU.
  5. thats what i was thinking, but i think my 9800gtx+ was buned out?, its still at the repair shop. last week i took my machine in for repair and when i called to check on it told me many parts ruined from heat,so got 2 c if the v.card is ***,sure the 650psu is good tho. so yea you hit! 1 more question hopefully your not 2 tire of the subject? i c alot of crazy $ video card but whats the very best for under 250? if i have 650psu installed just wondering what do u run?
  6. for $150 its the ATI 5770
    for $300 its the ATI 5850

    for $250 its the ATI 5830 but its performance it does not justify the price
  7. you spoke of the size of my moniter it's a acer hd 24in screen? set @1600x1200. so i;m thinking about going w/ the ati 5770 ? think it's best for me? this will be my last questions really, should i upgrade my sound? i found a 8500 gt and wondered if i turned my graphics card ( off ?) to install the 8500 can i turn my old 3200 back on with out trouble ? ? i've got myself into trouble before and out my pc for 3 days and a bill for nothing just i thought i knew what i was doing! after i improving my graphics card and psu i should be o.k for 1 yr would ya think? i got 2 yr Months Parts
    - 12 Months Labor for $63 more i got another yr so i did it ! i picked this p.c because i thought i had the parts to upgrade myself. i was happy with the nv 9800 gtx+ but i need a ati with a amd so i've been told thanks for your help i hate to have to return thing
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