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I have a Windows 7 tablet PC, and I had two partitions on the hard drive, both 100 GB in size. One was used as a Windows 7 partition, and the other was used for data storage. I accidentally deleted the data partition. I have been continuing to use the system as I normally would, only I can no longer access many of my files because they were on the data partition. Is there a way for me to recover this partition at this point?

Just wondering, will the first partition with Windows 7 on it be overwriting data that was on the data partition if I continue to use it, or is it specific to certain locations on the disk different than the ones that the second partition used?

Also, If in the future this were to happen, if I had the MBR backed up would I be able to recover the data?

And lastly, how long would it take to recover the data with my current problem, compared to if I had the MBR backed up, assuming that was possible to do so with either method?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. You can try easeus partition recovery.

    In the future, if you can plug an external drive into that tablet, use backup software to backup the data or possibly clone the drive.
  2. Thanks guys worked great!
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