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Bluescreen after trying to restart or shutdown

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February 19, 2011 4:06:25 PM

Hello, I get a bluescreen when I try to restart or shut down my computer, but it only happens after the system has been on for a little while, for instance I am able to start my computer up, do a few things and then restart or shut down just fine but lets say it's been on all day and I go to restart or shut down I will get a blue screen. I don't have the specific error code yet. I am just curious if it is possible to pinpoint what it might be. The recent changes I have made are I had a stick of memory go out somehow so I am running dual channel 2x2 2gb sticks of memory instead of 2x3gb. I also had upgraded video card drivers but I changed them back and downloaded the latest ones but it still happens.

Could this be an issue with anything specifically or does it sound more related to memory or video card? I also have tried changing stuff in my bios from default settings to different overclocking presets I have set up so I don't think it's anything in there.

My stupid seagate hard drive won't shut down either, I know that's irrelevant but I don't want to start another thread on that. I turn my computer off and my seagate drive keeps spinning forever it never stops. Also once in a while if the drive is not in use it disconnects then reconnects.


(I am running windows 7)
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February 19, 2011 5:13:40 PM

Here's a list of things i'd try.
Reset your bios back to factory default.
Either a cmos reset button or pull the battery.
Run Memtest86+ one stick at a time at mobo default settings to rule out memory.
Run HDD Tune to determine if your HD is ok.
Uninstall all the video drivers in add/remove
Download DriverSweeper and run it in safemode.
Check off whatever video drivers apply to you
Analyse and clean
Restart normal
Download latest driver version and install as Admin
Sounds like the HD to me though.