Upgrade my 9800gt? $200 +-

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE:in month or so BUDGET RANGE: 180-225 would be nice

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: would love to go 3 monitor I have a 22" sung 1680x1050
but would like to add 1900x1200 asus 25.5"

can I use that 25.5 plus my 22" and maybe get another 22"
or should I get 3 24"

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: 9800gt evga xcilio greatpower 500w

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: umm gigabyte ds3 3.3 e4300 OC up to 3.3ghz 4x1gb ddr2 800
water cooled


PARTS PREFERENCES:have been happy with nvidea but think ati /eyefinity is better choice

OVERCLOCKING: rather not - prefer single card

MONITOR RESOLUTION: have 1680 x 1050 want 3 x 1900 x 1200 ish or 3 1900 x1080

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: play wow, iRacing, battlefield bad company.

would use for movies/tv (would also connect ps3 to one of the monitors.

big question is would 5830 do all that? is it that big an upgrade from 9800 gt?

should I wait spend money on nicer 27" monitor.

thinking for last hurray for this PC would be upgrade cpu to q9505 and the 5830. then pick up the monitors. so I'm ready for next rebuild sometime next year.
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  1. You have a Samsung 22"?
  2. ya i have a 22 samsung.
  3. ok thanks for the link I've read that already.

    the question is would a 5830 be fine at pushing 3x 1900x1200 monitors in eyefinity or is that asking too much?

    and is there that much of a upgrade from 9800gt.
  4. I would sell the 9800Gt for 75$, and then pour another 225$ into a 5850.
  5. Stay away from the 5830, Picture A hot, expesnive, power hungry 5770.
  6. just for reference though would the 5770 be able to push the three monitors ?

    1900x1200 x 3 ?

    or would it be a slide show?
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    if you really want to go 1900x1200 x 3 , I would start looking at the ATI 5850 & 5870
  8. For 3 x 1900 x 1200, I might go straight to the 5870 so that I will be sure that I have enough power for now or in the future for a while.
  9. Yeah, you'll want at least a heavily overclocked HD5850 for eyefinity. Saving up a bit more/ebaying the old card to afford one is probably your best plan.
  10. great guys thanks for info
  11. Best answer selected by wuden.
  12. I would not go 19x12x3 unless I had a 5970/480 SLI.
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