Should I upgrade my Crossfired HD4850s?

I currently have Crossfired 2 x ATI XFX HD4850 512MB GDDR3. I have wanted to get 2 HD5850s but they are out of my price range. So I was wondering whether I would be worth it to upgrade to maybe crossfired 2 x ATI XFX HD5770 1GB GDDR5? I like the DX11 on these plus i plan on playing games like Crysis 2 and StarCraft 2 when they come out.

Btw, what is the differnce between 128mb and 256mb on a graphics card? Cause my HD4850 has 256mb and the HD5770 has only 128?
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  1. Stick with the Crossfired cards until you need an upgrade, and twin HD5770s' will not really give enough of a boost to warrant the expense, they are only a little faster than dual HD4850s'.
    I think you are confusing MB with memory bit size.
    The HD4850 uses a 256 bit memory connection while the HD5770 uses a smaller 128 bit interface.
    While the HD4850 sounds far faster (double the bits), there is little to choose between them because the HD5770 uses GDDR5 memory-which is twice as fast.
    More information on your specs is needed, though, fast cards need a fast CPU to keep them fed with data and a small monitor does not need too much graphical power to keep the frames flying.
  2. the 128mb & 256mb is the bit interface between the GPU and the RAM on the card.

    You will have no issue playing Crysis 2 and Starcraft 2 with your current set up, and the 2x 5770 set up is great but not a huge leap from what you have. Save your money.
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