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I'm hosting three Mechwarrior 4 internet games on an AMD Athlon II X2 235e solid.

When I post 8 games it's server bad laggy.

However Win 7 Pro Monitor is not showing 100 % CPU usage in doing that, roughtly about 60% steady, but the games seems to be very fuzzy in playing.

It's not a internet bandwidth problem the CPU can't keep up I figure switching between the game applications, do I need more core or faster processor to what extent? Or do I need to switch to a server setup instead of a desktop setup?

Realistically I would like to serve 6 games solid.

General game specifics are 700 Mhz and only 128 Mb's or ram, for a high damage No Heat/Unlimited ammo small map game the internet can peak about 1.9 Mbs. Normally a Heat/limited ammo game averages 350 K peaks both types are utilizing a 24 player setup.

Any suggestions what I need to be looking for?
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  1. Could very well be running out of RAM. Check physical memory usage in task manager. Also, if you're running 8 servers then joining one on the same PC, it could be that the computer can run the servers but doesn't have the spare power to play in them.
  2. Ram is still ok, I got 8 G's but utilizing win 7 pro 32 bit (for the game is 32 bit) It only sees 4 G, but still 8 games with Operating system I'm using about 2 G's or ram. About half.

    And no, server is seperate by itself, I play on another computer either IP'd or routed thru the internet thru the mektek gaming zone which took over the old Game zone for hosting this game application.

    Basically the game generates player details packets (about 412K) and passes them around all connected, so with 24 players it's buzzing data within the game, adding more layers of served games only compounds that issue. But the chip dosen't seem to be overwelmed running 8 games it seems to start causing server response delays.

    I think, each game application is more than the CPU cycle can handle before it switches to the next application and catching back up to the first one later on the next cycle.....real time movement is slightly delayed being compounded over time.

    I think this is what is happening? I'm not sure....

    So I'm supposing doubling the core and going a bit higher in speed would let me process more data timely within the game applications. From 3 solid games to 6 solid games. But again I'm not sure, so I'm asking for opinions.

    Or is there a limit and I need to go to a straight server setup to acomplish this?
  3. Still haven't heard a viable option, using a on board ethernet saves about 12 ms latency verses a add on ethernet card, which is good on the network side of things.

    What I'm thinking is (700 MHz for the game) x (number of games) = or < (CPU speed).

    Would this be the best rule of thumb?
  4. Thanks,

    Got a AMD X6 3.2 GHz, 4 Gig 1066 DDR3,

    Running not quite as expected, althought the setup indicates that I should be able to run 32 games, there is a loss....but I can't verify to what end for the server host listing web site, MekTek.....can only handle about 9 games per IP hosting for their server starts going mad.....Grin.

    They said they would work on it, I could go for a higher number of people connected if they modify the game code to allow it, which they are eventually going to get too.

    As far as the Players per speed cpu rating, mechwarrior 4 is way under those figures, about 700 Mhz for 16-20 players, but using the 24 player option does not seem cpu dependent, it's buggy somewhere else in the coding for that and the game starts getting hard error prone......Mektek is working on those details to iron them out.

    This has something to do with the early coding of Direct Play Layer 4 and the sync of using various connection speeds, (somebody using a high speed connection takes away of the system timing for the lower connection speed folks in getting proper system game updates).

    They trying to go Direct Play Layer 5, but not win live see if this might help.

    Anyway they are still working on all the gut details and adding the MP4 content they have already developed on an extended version back to the free release version. Mechstorm is planning to do another High definition video game update for the free release as they had done for the prior versions. (MWL) Mechwarrior League has already converted their competing ladders to the new 3.1 free release.

    So in the meantime, it's still being upgraded for a while it seems.
    So to say did I find a answer? Not really for this what I'm doing.
    I got the fastest multi-core, fast ram, GigLan Motherboard and I'm doing ok,

    Things are not, based so much on Hard Drives, but for a server I do recommend to turn on in your bios max ECC, (memory error checking, and flushing over time).....with it off the games crash at about the 72 hour mark, with it on they stay clean and up for at least 14 days, I usually reboot everything to make other server changes so I haven't tried longer than that at this time. But ECC does make a signaficant improvement in server relialibility.
  5. Well map loading, takes about 1/2 sec, ker-chunk and that's about it.

    I just keep backup directory copys, on the number of games to launch, each game is about 3.7 Gb's, so that's not really too much to deal with, I can backup to a USB drive a main root game copy and have seperate definition files for each game particulars @ 3.7 Mb's each.

    That includes about 800 different map file definitions, they have added quite a few new maps since the old days.

    So I'm still working on it, still trying to get my linksys router to work right....the old one WRT110 10/100 works just fine....I tried a WRT320N and a E3000 both 100/1000 and both fail to allow myself to connect to myself.....using the exact same configuration.....don't know what's up with that, and neither does Linksys.....They seem to be hiding my IP from myself for some reason other than what is on the options menu. It may have to do something with the Network Magic or the Cisto Network software that is included with the newer GigLan routers.....but deleating the software does not unlock the hiding of my own IP, so something has changed and they don't know what it is, or me

    So the old WRT110 works fine, I can get up to 8.6 upload, not 10 meg like I got the Internet at, and I lose about 3 ms in overall latency. So at this time I'm not critical for it.
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