What are some good case fan and configurations?

I think I am going to get some case fans and additional fan for my CPU HSF. Are these good case fans?

Coolermaster 90 CFM Red LED Silent Fan 120mm (R4-L2R-20CR-GP)

Their specifications are impressive, but I don't think they can really move that much air (90 CFM) with so little noise. I am going to have four of these in my case I would like something on the quieter side.

When I set up the fans, should I create a high pressure, low pressure or equal pressure inside the case? If I had a fan controller, because these fans are originally 3 pin with the option of 4 pin adaptors, will I still be able to control them?
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    I would take the cfm spec with a grain of salt probably closer to 70 cfm.
    However they are decent fans and you'll probably hear more air noise then say motor/bearing noise.
    And as far as the pressure enviroment goes that depends on what case you have and where you install the fans for positive or negative static pressure.
    For fan control that also depends on your mobo fan headers and if you want to daisychain any of them with molex connections.
    It would be helpful to know what your current case is and the fans it already has.
  2. The cfm you get is mostly determined by the RPM that the fan runs at.
    The noise you get is mostly determined by the RPM the fan runs at.
    A fan running under 1000 RPM will be relatively quiet.
    A fan running over 1500 rpm will be noisy.
    Pick your poison.

    Yes, design does have an effect, but I think RPM is the main factor. Go to for some tests of quiet fans.

    The key to good cooling is good airflow.
    Clean up internal wiring.
    I think side fans disrupt the natural front to back, bottom to top airflow.
    Minimize air filters. Pay for this with more frequent cleaning though.
  3. What case are you working with?
    What operating temps are you getting now that make you think you need more fans?
  4. my pc temps stayed within 0.2c when i moved the 1 case exhaust up front as intake and added a faster exhaust. so i wasted my time and its noisier now.;) but im not gonna bother puttin em back...
    anyways do you really need more fans?
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