Dead gfx card - how come I still have a screen?

I'm confused - seems like my gfx has gone pop. Was "in game" when everything crashed and there were loads of lines and artifacts on the screen.

Rebooted and Win 7 advised it was unable to initilise my card, even though my PC works and I can ramp the res up to 1650.

I still have funny lines on screen but I'm wondering if this is actually a software issue - or even a MB issue?? The thing that keeps me thinking it's the card is that I also get the funny lines on boot up and in bios. so pre drivers etc etc..

But how come a card can go pop but still work in an Op System environment?
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  1. Please post your full system specs and also have your overclocked it ?
  2. "POP" Sounds like a cap failed. Is it by chance a 7600GS/T or a 8600GT/S. Those are cards are well known for such failures while other generations are quite rare to have the same type of failure.
  3. Sorry, didn't literally mean I heard a "pop".

    Card is (was!?) an 8800GTS and not overclocked. Win 7 64bit. Core 2 E6600. Asus P5WH Deluxe. 4 gb ram.

    I've tried completely removing all drivers and re-installing but hasn't worked. Not susprising as the artifacts show up on the bios post screen. I'm 90% sure it's the card. Just confused as I'm sure that in the "good old days" if the video card died you wouldn't even get past the bios post.
  4. OK its the card and the lines are typical of a draw error which 90% means the VRAM is bad and all is it takes is a single bank to go bad. You have some options such as the oven to dumping it on eBay and buying something like a GTS250 or a 5770.
  5. yup that's typically the signs of a failing video card. i had those same symptoms with an old card of mine. after replacing the video card the lines and artifacts just went away. ^^
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