If my HDD fails do I lose Win 7

My hard drive is working just fine but its so old I feel like it could fail any day now. Idk how old but easily past 5 years.

Recently I did a pc build and the budget was low so I formatted a HDD from my old office pc and am using it now with Windows 7 professional.

If my hard drive fails does that mean I'll have to re buy windows 7? Or can I re use my disc?

I can't squeeze a hard drive out of what little cash I have for at least the end of August.
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  1. It's no problem: you can re-install Windows with your current key on a new HDD.
  2. You can just reinstall windows on it, that is if the harddrive doesn't fail because it's gone bad. If you have important files you don't want to lose then make backups. With another drive, thumb drive, or on DVDs.
  3. Just OS on my hard drive, i, I have 4 80gb hard drives that I store the stuff I care about.
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