Please rate my lapping out of ten!!! ☺☺☺

This lapping I did is with 240grit, 600grit, 800grit and 1200grit. :)
I lapped my stock amd phenom 955 heatsink cooler. :)
For some reason the center of the heatsink has a few scratches but around the center it is really good, I don't know why this happened because I took my time and I passed the heatsink over the wet and dry paper so many times but I coulden't get rid of the scratches in the middle. :(

It is very flat though now and my CPU holds on to the heatsink for like 2 seconds when I press the heatsink on my unlapped CPU. :bounce: :) :) :)

So please rate this out of ten.

Thank you everybody!

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  1. BUMP
    I need to know if it is any good before I fit it.
    Someone give me some feedback.
  2. lol, lapping stock HSFs.
    8/10 maybe, you probably went too hard with the 240-grit with the scratches.
  3. Do you know about the poll feature? You can post a poll and have up to 10 possible selections. I recommend that because people are more likely to enter their poll result than to respond with a post.
  4. 8/10, same with Timop, the 240 grit hurt your HSF but let the thermal paste fix those for ya!
    I remember i lapped my intel stock HSF for practice before lapping my xigmatek 1284 and thor hammer lol.
  5. Pretty good for a first try. I'd give an 8/10 as well, although that's about as much as I would do. Esp for a stock cooler. I would start with 400 to 500 grit and work up from there.
    I usually do 500-800-1200-1500 or 2000 when I have some around. Then finish with wadding polish.
  6. Ok the results...

    Before I have a CPU temperature of 45 degrees celsius.
    And now It has dropped to 33 degrees celsius.
    So that is an amazing improvement!
    Thank you everybody for yout input.
  7. I'd give 8/10, think you've gone too hard on the lower grits :/ I'm in the process of lapping an Athlon ii x2 250 and one of those coolers, not because its hot, but because it's going to be running for a long long time! and the cooler it is the less likely a failure is and lower the likelihood of my house burning down!!! Before temps - idle 41c, load 62c. Will post results when done :)
  8. EDIT: right, OK; it's an old post :(
  9. Ah... i see... MOUSEMONKEY!!! We need you!!

    Besides, lapping amd stock heatsink reduced temps by average of 15c, idled at 41c, now 28c, load at was 62 now 44c :)
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