What SSD manufacturer does dell use for Optiplex and Precision line?

I am trying to find out what manufacturer is making the 120GB and 256GB SSD's found in the current Optiplex and Precision desktops. All I have been able to get from them is basic read and write performance. They seem to be more expensive than going to newegg and just buying the latest OCX or Corsair brands.


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  1. I believe Dell uses Samsung as their SSD OEM. The 470 and 830 series.
  2. anort3 said:
    I believe Dell uses Samsung as their SSD OEM. The 470 and 830 series.

    Sounds like it could be like the Samsung 830's.

    The specs dell gave me was:
    Read specs- up to 500 mega bytes per sec
    Write specs- up to 320 mega bytes per sec

    These specs are not exactly the same as the 830's, but dell did say they may have various vendors and they could change depending on procurement plans... plus they said they sometimes request drives to their specific specs. Either way it seems close to the samsung.

    I just know if I look at the price even AFTER our discount the 128GB is still about $100 more than Samsung 830 128GB. And the 256GB is $650 which is about $350 more than Samsung. Perhaps these are considered enterprise class or something or gone through more testing... don't know. I have heard a lot of stories about SSD's leading to BSOD or other strange stuff so maybe these are designed with more stringent quality leading to more cost.

    I just can't seem to make myself spend $650 more for a 256GB SATA III SSD when I can get them for $220 for the OCZ Vertex 4.

  3. One of the reasons Samsung drives have such a good reputation for reliability is the testing done for Dell. Dell would never put something with a high fail rate in their computers since they would have to replace the bad units. They may very well use a vendor specific firmware for Dell.

    Samsung, Intel and Crucial have the best reputations for reliability. I have run this OCZ Vertex 2 for close to 2 years now and never had any problems. If I was buying new today it would be a Samsung 830 though just for the combo of speed and reliability.

    SSD prices overall have been dropping at a very nice rate. I paid $250 for my 120GB Vertex 2 right at 2 years ago. Now a much faster new generation high end 120GB drive can be had for less than $100. A 256GB model for ~$200. If you shop around a bit and monitor prices and deal sites like slickdeals.net you can find a great sale. It might take a few weeks but the sales keep getting better.
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