Disk Boot failure

I'm runnin 32-bit windows 7 on my PC
I get this msg "Disk boot failure insert system disk". When I re-inert my SATA cable and RAM card (into the same slot)..Windows prompts a start-up repair (recommended) option wen i clik it..PC works fine for 2 or 3 days and agan same problem shows up..what's the reason for thies weird pblm and how can i crct it?
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  1. Need more details here, whats the specs on your hardware?
    Kind of hard to give advice without better info

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    I think probably the hdd fail. When this occur, system some time hang & when you reboot, yo get this kind of message. The best way is get new hdd stanby as slave drive if you manage to boot your present hdd, then you caninstall the freeware Easus Todo Backup 1.1 to clone it to your new hdd to save all your hassle re install the os.
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