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A few months ago, I built my own PC. The SSD I used for the OS and games (had a separate HDD for files) is the Mushking Enhanced Chronos Deluxe. (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226225)

Just like Chris Rock said that men can't go back sexually and women can't go back in lifestyle, I can't go back to an HDD at 5,400 RPM - but that's exactly what I have in my ASUS g75vw. The machine itself is a beast, and gaming laptops often take a bit longer to load if I'm not mistaken. Thing is, the lowest WEI score is 5.9 when everything else is 7.3 or above.

I was wondering if I'm deluded in thinking that I could:
-Get the system files for W7 on a backup disk.
-Install the SSD in the machine (easy to do, there's a second bay).
-Install W7 on that SDD and make it the boot disk.
-Leave W7 on the HDD because it's 1TB and even with my FLAC music, there's no chance I'll ever use it all.

Is that possible, if I can go buy an SSD? Or is it flawed. I read that cloning things over is possible, but not the smart thing to do necessarily. It's all about doing a clean install.

Also, you can inquire but this is just how it is: the laptop didn't come with a backup disk. I think it's what happened to this specific model from the store I bought it from in person. Or maybe it's just a mixup. I would need to use another, store-bought DVD if I were to do this.

Tell it like it is; any help is appreciated.
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  1. The hdd most likely has a backup partition that would put the laptop back to factory conditions but that would not let you choose the drive you want to use. Your best bet would be to find an OEM copy of Windows 7 then you can use the key on the bottom of the laptop.
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