HDD Wont power up.

Hey guys.
The other day one of my friends removed the power cables from my SSD and HDD whilst the computer was running.
My computer froze and then I turned it off and neither of them detect and I dont hear them powering on or feel them vibrating.
I know its not the power supply or mobo or anything else because I tried using another hard drive and it worked fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

HDD: Western Digital 2TB Green drive.
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  1. I would try those drives in another computer and see if they spin up and are seen in the BIOS. If not, sounds like they need to be RMA'd.
  2. Yeah I cant see them in Bios or anything ive tried just powering them up as in the Psu running power straight to them and nothing else so I think I will need to send em back
  3. You can try resetting your bios and have it "load optimized settings" and see if it will see the drives again. Make sure to reset any bios setting back to what it needs to be after loading optimized defaults (AHCI, memory if needed,...).

    However, the drives not spinning is a bad sign. Pulling the power may have blown the motor. If your motherboard doesn't have hot swap capability, I would not pull drives while they are powered up and connected to the motherboard.
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