When installing Win 7 on new SSD it always stops at installing updates

When installing Win 7 on new SSD it always stalls at installing updates.

I have tried installing on 1 stick of ram, the old HDD is unplugged, have deleted the partitions, running bios in AHCI mode using 6gb/sec cable, when I look in the drive some windows files have been copied onto the SSD and it is accessable. It is a Corsair Force series 3 120Gb. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. most obvious thing would be check your windows 7 disc for scratches or smears

    after that if your motherboard has two hard drive controllers--for example white sata ports and blue ones try it on the other ports

    i couldnt get mine installed on the jmicron controller but swapping the ssd to the intel controller worked perfectly
  2. I recently put Win 7 on my PC and it was a nightmare. Here are some things you should check:

    1. Try putting your MoBo to IDE mode from AHCI. It may help you to install the thing. I installed with it in IDE and then later did a registry edit (took like 1 minute) and switched to AHCI which I'm running now.

    2. If you are using a downloaded copy of Win 7 (like a MSDNAA legal download), make sure you download the regular version not the version that ends with "debugged/checked". Also, burn the DVD at SLOW SPEED. A quick speed burn i.e. 16x is very high risk to errors and will likely fail unless you have an amazing burner but even still, burn it on the slowest speed to make sure.

    3. Make sure you create a new partition after you deleted them and make sure you format that partition as well. I would plug your hard drive into your first sata port. Should be something like "3.0" (at least that's what mine is).

    4. Try to do a clean install on your SSD with your SSD plugged in and your HDD unplugged and instead of copying from your HDD, freshly install to your SSD from your dvd drive. (I.e. pretend like you don't have your HDD and install as you would normally with just the dvd and your ssd).

    5. Check your internet is plugged in and working?

    That's really all I can think of, try it and gl.
  3. Thanks for the advice, worked once I moved the sata port and changedback to IDE mode.
  4. 3poch said:
    Thanks for the advice, worked once I moved the sata port and changedback to IDE mode.

    Yes, that helps too. Can u post your mobo?
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