Dell 531 motherboard and AMD Phenom II

I have a Dell 531, motherboard, RY206, with a AMD Athlon II, AM2 socket. I understand the Phenom II will go into a AM2 socket, but only with the BIOS upgraded. Can anyone tell me if the motherboard will support a BIOS upgrade for the CPU?

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  1. IIRC the most you can put in that box is an Althon II x64...

    It is also NOT recommended to use an 125w version of the Athlon with that model

    I would advise you start saving for a new rig altogether...
  2. needsumhelplol said:
    IIRC the most you can put in that box is an Althon II x64...

    :ouch: Wow that's better than my Athlon II x4

    Joking aside, the only CPU that is 100% guaranteed to work with that computer is the highest end model that the computer originally could ship with.
  3. Save up for a new build, and you will never go back to store bought desktops. As you have discovered your options are quite limited by design.

    I did the same and just moved my "old" Athlon X2 5200 HP machine to a network file server for media and torrents.

    You won't regret it.
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