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Way back when the geforce ti4600 was out and the p4, i was introduced to the concept of bottlenecking, where a crappy cpu holds back a good graphics card and vice versa.

With the introduction of the 9 series geforce cards and the 2xx series, I am wondering the CPU bottleneck for those cards would be..

I used to think that an e6600 cpu would be bottlenecking anything above a 9800gt, but apparently I was wrong, I am wondering what the cpu minimum is for some of the newer cards, (for example, what the minimum cpu power you can get is, before you start degrading the performance of a gtx260, or a 285). I am wondering if anyone knows of a list, and if not, I may considering making a sort of wiki page or a website with bottlenecking guides for various new GPU's and CPU's that are coming out.
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  1. Phenom II x4 955/965 won't bottleneck the HD5850/5870/GTX470/GTX480 on stock, but they might on the HD5970. OC'ing helps there.

    I guess the most powerful dual-core (E8600), OC'd to ~3.6ghz, won't be bottlenecked until it hits the GTX480/HD5870.

    The E5300 will probably bottleneck anything above the HD5770/GTX260.

    The E1400 bottlenecked my HD4650, surprisingly.
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