SSD storage with SATA & USB interface

Hi folks,
I'm desperate to find a SSD storage with SATA (II or III) and USB (could be miniUSB) interfaces, without having to use additional plugs or wires whenever I need to use the USB interface.
I've found this 3 models, so far:
- SuperTalent UltraDrive MX2;
- Adata S596;
- Adata N004 (I believe this is discontinued).
Any more advice? Are there more product models?
Thank you all!
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  1. Just curious, why would you want to use an expensive SSD for external (presumably bulk data) storage? Your speed will be limited by the USB interface.
  2. It is not for external use or even to use with enclosure.

    Is just for a project that demands a SSD with dual interface capabilities. :)
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