Enough power?

I have this power supply already

I am really not wanting to buy a new power supply and would like to know if it will run the following. core i5 750 @ 4GHz, corsair H50, 4 hdds (2x 1TB 2x 2TB), 2x GTX 470's.

If its not enough power to run all of this what will happen if i plug it all up anyway?

If i absolutely must buy a power supply what would be the cheapest option (i was looking at this )

Thanks guys!
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  1. No, it is not enough power for your system. I would go with at least a 750w or 850w with dual GTX 470's. Add in Cooler Master is not the best of PSU makers.

    You would run the risk of killing you PSU, which could take other components with, so proceed at your own risk. :)
  2. This would be 20 bucks more and a lot better PSU

    and after the MIR its the same price
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    If you plug that in, your PSU might die, killing all of your components in the system and making you spend much more money on buying a new computer than buying a better PSU (worst case scenario).

    For a PSU, never look at the cheapest option that claims to have enough power.
    You want a good quality PSU to avoid seeing the magic smoke.
    Maybe check this out:
    The 850tx would be good too if you don't care about a modular PSU.
  4. Thanks niklas, ironically when I read your post, I already had that opened in a tab! I will probably go with the model up since its an extra 100W and only an extra $5 with the promo code.
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