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Hi Tom's Hardware. Should I get the ATI Radeon HD 5670 for $83 or the ATI Radeon HD 5750 for $139? My monitor resolution is 1280x1024. I play games like BFBC2, Napoleon Total War, and COD.

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  1. The HD5750 is 40-50% more powerful you will need that power for BFCB2.
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    totally get the 5750, i just exchanged a 5670 for it today because the 5670 was louder then all the fans in my system. if i lowered the fan speed then the card will start to get really hot and not work properly(it totally froze on medieval: total war 2). but if your on a budget then the 5670 is good at the res. the 5750's fan noise is not that noticable at the preset speed.i tried operation flashpoint: dagon rising on it at 1680x1050 and it ran as smooth as butter maxed out.

    by the way both cards were XFX cards so idk if the same deal i had with mine will apply to cards from other manufacturers
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  4. Dunno if it's too late, but you can get a 5770 for twenty bucks more. i have the powercolor 5770 with the 875mHz clock and 1gb of RAM. it's been great, here's a link for the cheaper one with the 850mHz clock. I don't know if the difference is that important between the two Powercolors as ATI let's you overclock easily with the catalyst control center. I guess if you're already pushing the budgetary limit with the 5750 then a 5770 might be too much, but if you have the 20 bucks I'd go for it.
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