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I have a similar problem, but not exactly. My boss brought me his home computer to troubleshoot. It's old, slow, etc., and I removed unnecessary installs, defragged, chkdsk etc. and got it BETTER, but not great. Boss took it back home and said, "it's doing the same thing". When he described it, I knew he was at the screen you get when you press F8 for Safe Mode and it offers you the choices. I asked if he pressed F8. NO. Since I don't know any other way to get to that screen, I told him the F8 key was stuck on his ancient, food, drink and dog hair-filled keyboard, and gave him another keyboard. When he boots up it does the same thing. I had the computer for 2 days and it never did that on the bench. Any ideas?
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  1. he is problalby kidding with you .
    or he doesnt shutdown correctly his computer , and everytime he runs it again it goes to that options menu .
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