Case Fan not spinning -- Bearing Problem ?


I have Thermaltake Armor MX+ case, and the Side-fan has developed a problem.
Well, i had put the Case fan in front of a running table fan, which caused the case fan to move at high speed due to air injected via the table fan (NOTE i had done this, when i had removed the case fan for cleaning)

So now, almost every time the case fan dont start up when i turn ON my PC. I had to push the blades manually and then it starts....
So, i suspect the bearings are off-balance ? Its hard when i try to spin blades with my hand...

Please suggest a remedy,
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  1. does it spin slower when it DOES work? well i would suggest either:
    -pushing the fan hub toward the supports to see if it clicks back in
    -ordfering a new one from TT
  2. What is the power supply to that fan? Almost all case fans are designed for 12 VDC for full speed and a minimum of 5VDC at low speed. BUT many will NOT start up if given only 5 VDC. So, if your fan is fed from a speed control - either by the mobo's speed-controlled output, or from a manually-set speed control, it MAY be getting too low a start-up voltage. Most mobo fan speed control systems handle this by feeding the full 12 VDC at startup, then slowing it down from there after several seconds when the BIOS temperature control system kicks in. But a manual "controller" set permanently to "Low" might not give it enough.
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