Cpu Faulty or Motherboard

Can anyone help.
I Need some advice
I know for a fact its my motherboard or cpu that is faulty.
It packed up a week ago.

It Powers up an all fans working but no post to bios
gfx card tested, working.. memory tested..tested psu fine (tried another one) hd tested
I have also taken out the cmos battery an left for a few hours before replaceing

Taken the memory out got the beeps.. put memory back in started working for about half an hour.
Then packed up again,
Tried taking the memory out again but this time no beeps.
If the cpu is faulty and i take out the memory would i still get the error beeps?

The cpu (athlon 64 x2 5000) has decent cooling an thermal paste .
Im leaning towards the motherboard being faulty but cannot rule out the cpu.
I need some advice before i end up spending money on the wrong part to replace..
I have no way of testing the cpu so i dont know whats up

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  1. It does seem to be the motherboard... does the memory work with another motherboard?

    CPUs are rarely 'faulty'.
  2. Sounds to me like its the motherboard. If they have been working correctly before, CPU's or Memory very, very, very rarely just go bad. Motherboards however have many pieces and parts that make them work, and they can go bad over time.
    I would suspect the board as well.
  3. out of all the systems that I did, I have only gotten 3 faulty CPU and that was due to extreme heat (a celeron 300a OC'd, a celeron 2.4Ghz OC'd, and a Pentium D with one core overheating) but the motherboards except one all let go and I have replaced at least 150 motherboards with all these symptoms. 99.5% sure it's the board.
  4. Thanks for the replys...
    I have bought a new board an athlon II 5800. The price was right
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