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February 20, 2011 7:56:27 AM

So I just finnished installing my system in a new case. Went from an Antec p182 to a Cosmos S. I also got myself a H50 corsair cooler and tomorrow Im picking up 2 gtx 570s. But anyway I decided to install everything and make it ready, and I also got my old 4870 and installed it to see if everything was working properly.. Which it was not...(note verything was working friday In my old case with the 4870)

First I plugged in everything and turned the system on.. no Boot, my monitor would just search for an appropriate source then go into standby mode.. This happened several times, after I tried reseting the h50, trying all the dimm slots with the different sticks. Unplugged all the periphirals, optical drives ,HDD fan cotnroller etc.. Strange thing though all the fans worked, GPU fan spinned, Motherboard lit up, both reset and power buttons were lit.

HOWEVER I just noticed that the blue lights under my dimm slots were not lighting up on my asus p6t deluxe..Now this is only my second build with the same board.. And I'm not sure but i think there was a blue light there somewhere udner the memory slots.. But now after moving the whole system (all same parts) to a new case the lights only flash 2 times or so right after i turn the system off. Now as I was moving the mobo into the other case i took everything out, except the memory and I left the mobo upside down on my wooden table..I did come in contact with the underpart but not in any harmful way.. I hope this sint the reason.. Now I've read several post about cmos battery or reset cmos on the mb, but im not sure how to do it..

Please help me, I just ordered two very high end gpus and a new case.. I really dont have more money atm to spend on a mb or psu or cpu or memory...if thats the reason. But I've also read that some boards shorten out.. which a simple rebuild would fix.. I really hope this is the problem, and im gonna rebuidl everything tomrrow once i get the new gpus.

Asus p6t deluxe
corsair 1000w HX
4870 1gb
6gb 1600Mhz memory corsair
core i 920 @ 3.0ghz
corsair h50

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February 20, 2011 5:03:51 PM

no one?!
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February 20, 2011 8:10:41 PM

system booted now, after populating the 2 orange dimms closests to the cpu, but will not boot with all three. Which is odd, consdiering it did Friday night, in my antec p182 case with all 3 dimms 2x3gb 1600mhz. Only difference was I moved the components to my new cosmos s.. and then outside cabinet to trouble shoot..were it did not work with all 3 dimms...
a c 429 V Motherboard
February 20, 2011 8:35:18 PM

1. Don't "try" DIMM slots. Put the RAM modules in where they belong as illustrated in the manual. That would be the 2nd, 4th and 6th slots

2. I think you will be very disappointed with the H50. The Antec 620 is based upon the same Asetek LC550 that is rebranded by Corsair as the H50 but the 620 beats it by 8 - 10C

3. Run memtest w/ 1 module in the 2nd slot, rinse and repeat w/ each module.