Computer Crash When Running Graphics Intensive Fullscreen Games

I've had this problem ever since i built it, When playing a fullscreen game, the screen will go black, and show "no input" sound will run for a few sec. then loop. Force shutdown is the only way out. Turning down the resolution reduces the frequency, but i've had CoD crash on 800x600. Today it also started lagging every 3 seconds. Any Suggestions?
This happens with:
Crysis Warhead
CoD 4
Unreal Tournament 3 Demo

This DOES NOT happen with:
Plants Vs. Zombies
Need For Speed: Most Wanted

My rig:
CPU: C2D E8400
GPU: EAH4870
RAM: 2Gx2 Transcend DDR3 1333
PSU: BeQuiet! 550w
HDD: WD500 green 7200rpm
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  1. What kind of temps is your gpu putting out on the graphics intensive games? It could be that the graphics card is overheating, hence your issue on some games.
  2. Yup check your VGA temps in both idle and load(with GPU-Z or from "Overdrive tab"in Catalyst control center)
  3. Aprox 50idle/70ish under load i think.... 47~52 idle, though mostly 49~52
    Also, it's a hit or miss kinda thing.... sometimes i can play for hours, sometimes minutes.

    P.S. was told it may be under-powered. I have
    2 12cm stock fans (@ front and back of GPU)
    1 12cm LED fan
    1 15cm LED fan (Exhaust beside GPU)
    2 12cm Higher powered fans (Moves about as much air as a 15cm)
    1 4 Chanel fan controller (Has 2 LEDs)

    Could this be the case?
  4. HelpPlease?
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    My guess would be your power supply can't handle the card. It's good enough for when the card is just handling windows and 2D games and older 3d games. Once you start running current 3D games that stress the card it needs more power to function which your PSU cannot handle in a stable manner.
  6. Thanks D: I guess i'll have to look into that
  7. How much power do you think i'll need?
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