Windows XP Pro SP3 will only connect to Google

For some reason my computer has started acting up. I was using it and I needed to get something off the internet, so I opened up firefox and put in the address. It came up saying that it couldn't connect so I went through my usual routine of enabling/disabling the network adapter, thinking it was a simple connection problem (my router stinks.)
Anyways, nothing happened. It says its connected with a great signal quality, but I can't connect to anything except for Just the search engine, no mail, youtube, or anything!
Any ideas?
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  1. other pc and laptop in your network can go to others?
  2. Yes, two other Windows 7 laptops and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I dual-boot with access it fine. The inability to access is very random, I can always use it for a time right when I start up.
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