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Looking at building my first pc :o however its not for me really more everyone in the house, it will be quite a decent build as it will be used for photo editing, gaming, etc. I have just put an ssd into my rig and yeah its super quick.

I was going to put an ssd into the new build but when its not in use everyone will want to leave it in sleep mode so its ready to use, i dont put my pc to sleep as was told not to as it affects ssd lifespan or something, is this a major issue or not? Can you put ssd's to sleep?

There is also the fat the people using the pc will not know where to save things with there been 2 drives but im sure they could get around that, the main issue is the sleep mode, whats everyones opinion on letting an ssd sleep?

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  1. No, you will not have any issues putting an SSD to sleep.

    Besides desktops, SSDs have been used in laptops and notebooks for years, and almost all laptop and notebook users use sleep mode in order to work longer on battery power.

    Also, current generation SSDs last as long or even longer than hard drives, so you don't have to worry about lifespan.
  2. Sleep mode is fine, current SSDs have no problem with sleeping! :)
    Sleep mode was a driver problem some years ago, but hadn't anything to do with SSDs.
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