custom pc build how much Ram and Power?

hi do i have a big enough power supply, enough Ram and are all parts for this buld included or do i have to get extra Wires?

(1) Motherboard

> Rampage 3 Extreme < [...] 6813131642

(2) Processor

> i7 980x < [...] 6819115223

(3) Video Card

> HIS Radeon HD 5970 <

(4) Ram

> OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB <

(5) Harddrive 1

> Intel X25-M Mainstream SSD 2.5" 80GB < [...] 6820167023

(6) Hard drive 2

> WD CaviarBlack 640gbSATA 6.0Gb/s3.5"Internal < [...] 6822136544

(7) Power Supply

> Thermaltake TR2 TRX-750M 750W < is this a good power supply or should i get a better brand.

(8) DVD Burnner

> Sony Optiarc Black < [...] 6827118032

(9) Fan controller and clock

> NZXT Sentry LX fan controller < [...] 6811992004

(10) Cold Cathode Light

> LOGISYS Blue Deluxe Sound Activated < [...] 6800888073

(11) Computer Case

> COOLER MASTER HAF 932 < [...] 6811119160

(12) Liquid Cooling

> Corsair Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler < [...] u=C13-2528

(13) Internal Tv Tunner

> Hauppauge Dual TV Tuner Board < [...] u=H56-2114

(14) Wireless network card

> Rosewill RNX-N300 Wireless Network Adapter < i want a good wireless card but i dont need the best so if you know a better option that cost less then please list.

(15) 12in1 Card Media Reader

> All-In-One USB 2.0,Internal 3.5" Card Reader < [...] =C250-2076

(16) Sound Card

> Creative Labs Titanium Fatal1ty Champ PCIe <

thanks for all your opinions all help aprecieated
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  1. Please anyone who thinks i should change a few parts for no more money but get better peformance give you opinion is the tv tunner good or is there a better option if the tunner costs more thas fine the Tv Tunner is the only part i will pay more for. Thanks for all your help.
  2. What is the reason for the really expensive sound card/system? What is the purpose of the computer?

    You only have one DVD drive... I almost always carry two, that way I can do direct burning. Also, you have no blu-ray drive.

    Your case puts out a red light, while your in case lights are blue.

    Did you win the lottery? Can I have some money?

    If you're looking to build the fastest, really expensive computer, this is probably the way to go, short of doing something really extreme.
  3. i plan to change the fans in the case at a later date to blue and no i just want some of the best is there somthing wrong with that???
  4. Ok...

    - Are you really spending that much money for the 980x? What were you planning to run exactly?
    - And if you really do have that kind of a budget get a 5970, no less.
    - Still looking at the ram, for such a proc there has to be a better cas7 set somewhere, with 4gbx3
    - SSD looks good. Get a spinpoint F3 1tb or 7200.12 1tb.
    - 850w is plenty for your proc and a 5970. But if you were to crossfire then it's not sufficient. And how about a real brand.
    - Certainly there are better options then the H50? I remember someone quoting a xigmatech something a few days ago for the LGA 1366
    - Agreed, how about a blu-ray as well?
    - No comment on last 4 items. well, do you really need such an expensive sound card? I'm playing music through my onboard sound with dated speakers right now, sounds good to me? Then again I'm not spending nearly $3000 on a build so who am I to question right?

    Anyway if you did hit the lottery rethink your build. It seems very thrown together too quickly without much though.
  5. will that DVD drive work for all PC games excluding blu ray i am against blu ray
  6. to be honest i dont know much about computers i just want the best computer i can get without going over $3800 cad shipping tax included but it must include the rampage 3, sound card, i7 980x, fan controller screen, 80gb ssd, a good tv tunner, 12in1 or a better option and the case this build with a speaker system total cost $3,796.76 CAD
  7. that dvd drive will work with games but why a 980x.
    just get a 930 and oc
    also 12gb of ram is unnecessary, it would be useful to know what the computer is going to be used for
  8. Game development but i am not completely in charge of this build i was given orders to get a i7 980x, rampage3, blue cathode, sound card, nzxt fan cntl and case,... but i can pick the ram and memory, wireless network card, TV tuner, cooling, power, video card and pick the blue cathode light but is required.
  9. thanks for your help i apresiate the tips can someone please help me get a better build with the same budget i can pick the ram and memory, wireless network card, TV tuner, cooling, power, video card and pick the blue cathode light but it is required.

    Thanks again
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