XFX GTS 250 vs Zotac GTS 250

I just wanted to know if there is really any marked difference between these two manufacturers. One more thing, I am into gaming and video conversion. How good is this card for video conversion? Also how good is nVidia's CUDA compared to ATI's Stream? Does one really surpass the other? What is roughly the ATI equivalent of the 250?Would an ATI card really be worth it if I convert videos regularly? Thanks in advance.
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  1. I don't have all the answers! Zotac versus XFX difference in warranties. ATI HD4850 ~ = GTS250 there is as well the newer HD5750 (DX11) in the same performance group.
  2. You should be deciding based on the software you use. Only certain software can use CUDA or Stream or any GPU acceleration at all. So sort that out before considering what cards to look at.
  3. thanks! could anyone post a link to a few cuda supported converters?
  4. oh one more thing. i have the psu that came with the cabinet, a 450W one. i'm guessing i'll need a new one. what should i take and what should i look for while buying it?
  5. Recommended brands Corsair, Antec, Seasonic and Enermax to name few. I would look into 450watt to 650watt depending on budget.
  6. how good is the gts 250 core edition? i went to the market to see a few psu's. i found these:
    1. eXtreme Power Plus 650W http://in.coolermaster.com/products/product.php?language=in&act=detail&tbcate=2259&id=5934

    2. CMPSU-650TX http://www.corsair.com/products/tx/default.aspx

    3.CMPSU-550VX http://www.corsair.com/products/vx/default.aspx

    what should be my main consideration while buying the psu? Wattage or amperage? the amperage on the +12V rails of these is way more than xfx's recommended 24A. if i take the 550W will it make a difference over the 650W? theres a price difference of Rs. 2000(direct conversion=$40).

    the first one gives only 18A on the +12V rail. I got confused so i didnt buy it today...this'll be my first graphics card...please help out...thanks for all the help!
  7. There is no real difference other than the amount of power avaliable. The recommended specs are exactly that, recommended, but are by no means required to run the card, the card will work with less.
  8. Yeah, the recommended specs are for they whole system(they don't know what's in your system) and take into account PSUs from sketchy brands. Even a 400w Corsair can easily handle a GTS 250.
  9. Thanks everyone! I got myself an xfx gts 250 an da cooler master gx650W! its running great for the moment! Will my 2.5 GHz e7200 cpu bottleneck it? how do i overclock using coolbits?
  10. my card's idling at 45-50C and when playing games 60-70C at stock 680MHz, 1000MHz. is it ok? the fan's running at 35-50%.
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