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Prep for April2013 manual install of WinXP updates

February 21, 2013 12:56:14 AM

My usual routine when starting from scratch is the following:
--I install Win XP
--then SP3
--then I let Windows Automatic updates install Hotfixes, Security updates etc for 3 re-boots. Then I shut it off because it causes compatibility problems with software I use and I use several security programs, firewalls etc anyway. This has worked for 3 years for 7 legacy PCs I maintain or own.

Now Microsoft says they are going to stop supporting Win XP SP3. I'm assuming that means there will be no Automatic updating service provided. Is that true?

My plan is to manually download the ones on my main system and burn them to a dvd, and manually install all roughly 110 updates.

My questions are:
Do they have to be installed in a particular order?
Will the set on my Dell Dim 2350 be the same as that for my girl's Dell Dim. 8300, my Opti GX270 etc etc?

**I thought about making a Ghost of a fresh install and realize that that IS hardware dependent.