Exceeding a Motherboard's Maximum Memory Limit?

The intel BOXDQ35JOE claims to only support 8 gigs or ram.

Is it possible to put in four 4 gig sticks (16 gigs) of ddr2 800 and have it work?
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  1. No. If you want to use more than the max, then it's time for a new board. You don't need more, unless you're running a true server.
  2. ..... o1die is not entirely correct... if your running video editing programs like after effect cs5 that can use all the ram then the more the marrier. No u cannot use more then what your board says it will handle ... It more then likely would not post and possibly damage the ram and motherboard. DO NOT DO IT... If you want to use more ram swap mother boards.
  3. Guess it's time for a new motherboard/cpu/ram then =(.

    I use that computer for virtualization.
  4. yes ill make a suggestion go i7 1366 ... get trichannel ram ... it comes in kits of 3 ... the boards have 6 ram slots.... then you want something with SATA 3 AND USB 3.0




    (6 X 2GB) 12GB TOTAL


    (3x 4GB) 12 GB TOTAL but can get 2 and have 24gb of RAM
  5. Don't do anything stupid by exceeding your motherboard's maximum memory limit because i tried it in my old Pentium 4 computer and the motherboard got burned, when i took it in a computer service it said it might not be repaired at all. Maybe it was because
    it was an old computer but i would not put my computer at stake. But the good news is that if your motherboard burns the hard drive will be ok but for the other parts i really don't know.
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