Hello, I recently purchased a pair of Turtle Beach HPA2 5.1 surround sound headphones. The detachable microphone doesn't show up in my recording devices section of the control panel in Windows 7 when I plug it in. I'm not sure if I just don't know how to use it properly or if there's a problem... probably the former.

Thanks in advance
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  1. hello souptard;

    It's probably not you. Plug in the headset.
    Open the Device Manager (type device into the Start search bar, choose Device Manager) and when the Device Manager window opens click on Computer, then right mouse click and choose "Scan for Hardware changes". See if that finds the mic.
    Also check through the device manager list and see if you can see it there. Look for any red or yellow warning flags.
  2. Thanks I'll try it in the morning.
  3. No luck. My computer doesn't even make the noise it usually does when hardware is plugged in. I always have the headset plugged in but when I attach the microphone to it nothing happens.
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    Why don't you sniff around the Turtle Beach support forums. A quick peek in there showed a couple similar topics in the archives.

    Turtle Beach Support Home / Headphones (PC/Tournament Series) / Ear Force HPA2, HPA, HPX
  5. I've come to the conclusion that the mic is just broken. *shrugs* Thanks for the help anyway though.
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