What is the best LGA-775 MicroATX Motherboard ?

I have a 2 year old Dell that I am looking to upgrade the motherboard.
It has a standard MicroATX Dell Motherboard in there right now.

I ordered an MSI P7NGM MicroATX a year ago and it fit fine and booted
but the onboard nVidia 9300 drew too much power and the fans ran so
loud that I put the dell motherboard back in and the MSI has sat in the
closet ever since.

Here's whats inside my dell right now:

E8600 CPU
4GB Ram
300GB Velociraptor
(3) 2TB WD Green drives (Yes 4 internal HDs)
DVD burner
ATI 4350 Video card

What is the best motherboard available that I can buy that meet these needs:

1. Over-Clocks
2. Takes an Intel E8600 LGA755 Socket CPU
3. Low power due to Dell's 250W powersupply
4. Integrated Video is not needed as I will be using an ATI 5570 video card

I would also consider cruising Ebay for a discontinued motherboard if someone
know of a really good option for me..

Thanks for your advice!
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  1. I've done some reading and it looks like good LGA-775 mATX boards are impossible
    to find new.

    It seems like the ASUS "Maximus II Gene" was the best LGA-775 mATX board ever
    but it is no longer sold.
  2. Sorry but you are dead wrong. My Dell Studio accepts a standard MicroATX board.

    I guess you failed to read my post where I already stated that I successfully swapped
    in an MSI micro ATX board and it fit and worked fine. It just drew too much power from
    the small power supply that is in the case.
  3. The Dell Studio 540 Slim is indeed a stripped down ASUS. The MSI drew too much
    power due to its onboard nVidia 9300 video that I had to put the Dell motherboard
    back in. But the MSI fit and powered up fine. I am using the original Dell motherboard
    right now.
  4. I ran with an Asus P5KPL-AM SE motherboard (still sold at some places). Cheap as crap, and my PC went through phases of being a performance machine (overclocked quite well for a cheap board) to being as silent as it could. With standard usage the noise level of the PC with standard cooler and a GTX460 Cyclone was so quiet, I couldn't hear if the PC was turned on or not. Had to actually walk up to it and go see.
  5. Take a look at this list of 775 motherboards for 2011 - just a top 10 list but it should do the trick.
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