How to determine wheather a dvd is closed caption or not?

Hello,i have direct tv satilite. my tv has a built in dvd player when i play a dvd that has the emb on back of cover (cc) but is not closed caption i have to find out from playing the dvd movie if it has ( sub title in english or the (set up) in english. so i have to buy the dvd to find this out how do you know if a dvd movie is in closed caption by reading dvd jacket? thank you ken kindle
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  1. i dont think i've ever seen a dvd that didn't have english subtitles

    but to answer your question, there should be a box towards the bottom of the back of the dvd box with information on video, audio, and subtitles
  2. thank you for your help

    when i start a movie it will have the coming attractions first then

    will come the main feature and you can scrowl down and get,
    (play ) the movie or ( actors) (dobey) and so on but nothing about subtitles where we can click on and get the english subtitle i just rented 4 movies from blockbusters 3 did not have a subtitle one did the one that did i installed and it worked the other 3 like i said no where could i get a subtitle ken
  3. on the main menu, there should be a language or subtitle menu that will let you select a subtitle
  4. Are you saying that if the subtitle or language menu does not say subtitle english i cant have (cc) people at the blockbusters say if the emb(CC) is on jacket . that I CAN HAVE closed caption but i dont know how to get there. maybe my new jvc tv/dvd player wont let me? thanks for your past help ken
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