PCI Express X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Drivers?

Hello there!

I've been trying to sort out this mess for quite some time now, really unhappy with the non-existent support from Creative.I've been plagued with several problems, including: buzzing/electrical noise coming from the 'actual card'(NOT the speakers)random sound breakdowns, with every sound crackling, audiodg.exe process leaking memory up to 4gb,(involves using ventrillo + some crazy w7 issue)EAX not working and other various issues i can't even remember.

I managed to fix the ram leak by disabling every enhancement(crystalizer etc) the soundcard had, the fix that microsoft released didn't do it for me.As for the rest of the problems i tried the driver 2.17.0008(latest) and of course the 1 year old 2.17.0007.. must admit i had less issues with the older one.

Any other poor souls unlucky enough to own such a card out there?IF so, has anyone found out a driver that actually works?

p.s. i do know that some guy from the creative forums named Daniel.K created some unofficial drivers, but i can't find them anywhere.. the only package i can find seems to be outdated > http://forums.creative.com/t5/Sound-Blaster/SB-X-Fi-PCI-Install-Disc-1-0-unofficial/td-p/556496

EDIT: My OS -> W7 x64
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  1. I am using v. on win7 x64 without issue (i7 920@ 3.8 with 6gb of ram)

    I also have the pci-e titanium card
  2. Quote:
    So your using the Vista driver or......I'm confused.

    No such thing as a vista driver... they always release a universal one, as far as i know.Anyway, the driver i am using as seen in the device manager is
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