Gigabyte HD 5850 replacement?

hey i order a HD 5850 from newegg but the HDMI is not working so now i need a replacement.
the problem is newegg is out of stock so they can only give me a store credit.

I have a budget of $400 to get my new one, what do you guys recommend?
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  1. I reccomend a Sapphire 5850, but if your budget is now 400$, you should definately get a 5870! Superb performance from that card.
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    HDMI not working? You sure it's the card or if it's the cable?


    If you know overclocking, an Asus DirectCU core edition is the king, ask OvrClkr.

    If not, an HD5870 would work nicely, this Gigabyte one looks to have great cooling for the standard price.
  3. Im sorrry guys I should of listed my built so i could get the best answers.. here it is

    @Shadow187, I have a PS3 and a laptop that handle HDMI output and the cable works with both of them.

    I even put a fresh install of windows to see if that was the problem and nothing, it was working fine it just suddenly stopped 2 days ago.
  4. I went with @shadow suggestion hopefully it fits in my case.
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