Amd cpu and motherboard

:hello: i am planning to upgrade my PC . currently using a dual core (damaged probably reason to change)

my choices are

CPU : amd phenom ll x2 550 be ; phenom 8650/8750

motherboard : asus m2n-vm/m2n-vm hdma/m2a-vm

can anyone suggest a better combo ??

my budget is 8000rs/170$

i have a sparkel 9400 gt

will the above configuration be enough to play games like assassin creed 2 , bfbc 2 ( with moderate/low graphic quality :) )
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    AMD Athlon II X3 440 - $75 US
    ASUS M4A77D AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard - $80

    This will allow you to play games like Assassin Creed2, BFBC 2 on moderate/low graphics quality. BFBC2 will benefit more with the 3rd core gaming wise. I'm not sure about AC2 for the PC (I played it on the PS3... couldn't wait for the PC release :D )
  2. thanks.
    another thing if i sell my 9400 gt and want to purchase a motherboard which have a good inbuilt graphics whicg one would be the best?? price around 100$
  3. Here's a combo for $155.00:

    Here' another combo for $154.00:

    I hope these combos are what you might be looking for.

    As for your last post gupi I would try to really stick with a dedicated card instead of going intergrated, but if you want to go intergrated go with my first combo I link above^ with a ATI HD4200 HDMI built in.

    Thanks for your question.
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