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Hi all,

I am looking at buying a new fan for my 9800 Gt because the fan that is on it is garbage.
I found one on newegg:

can anyone confirm for me that this will fit onto my graphics card? I am wondering because the fan is as big as the card and there are lots of little nobs and such on the end of the card that I am concerned about not allowing the fan to fit.
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  1. says it wont fit
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    It doesn't look like the 9800GT is on the card list for this cooler. When you say it is garbage, what do you mean? That it no longer works? Or it works fine it just runs hotter than you like and you are trying to overclock? What is the REAL issue? a replacement cooler really isn't all the cheap to be honest. If your stock cooler is broken and is under warranty have them replace it, or look on ebay.
  3. oh ya i didn't explain that. It is EXTREMELY loud, I think there is something loose in it but i cant find out what.
    I was playing far cry 2 with my headset on and i could hear the awful rattling.

    Plus it doesn't keep the card cool at all.

    I saw that it isn't on the list of compatible cards but but my card excepts 55 mm heatsinks which is the same size as this fan so I am not sure...
  4. What are the temps? load and idle. If it is rattling you can always contact the manufacturer and see if they will send you a replacement. I'd tell them the fan is broken and see what they say.
  5. I am not sure of the temps, I just know it was hot because i took it out of my case a while after playing far cry and i could barely hold it long enough to get it out of the board. (I was taking it out to use my integrated graphics)
  6. Video cards just hot, many time hotter than a CPU. I've had 2 cards in crossfire before and actually burned my hand taking the top card out one time.

    90C is 194F, think of it that way. It is not uncommon for a GPU to hit 90C and that heat gets transferred to the cooler and the rest of the card. If you take it out immediately it is going to be toasty hot.

    If your card is not actually having issues, I wouldn't worry about it. When cards get to hot they usually start to display artifacts in games or crash the display drivers.
  7. Ok thanks, I think i will contact xfx and see if they will give me a new card.

    Ya every once in a while it will crash but not too often.
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  9. Oh it's XFX. They are really good to work with. If anyone is going to replace the cooler it is them. As long as it was registered it has a lifetime warranty.
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