Need help choosing mouse and keyboard for my new rig

hello i need help choosing a gaming keyboard+mouse

i would like it be oriented around the color red (not the overkill blue) :)
the keyboard doesn't have to have macro buttons but i would like it to have back light and the mouse at-least 2 macro buttons and would like some sort of red led.

some that i have considered

another side note im a palm grip user so im not quite sure if something like the Lachesis will work.. anyone tried the Lachesis for palm grip?

any suggestions are appreciated
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  1. Keyboard Logitech G110 great price 3 colour choices incluing red
    Mouse CM Sentinel 7 colour choices-out of stock at Newegg
  2. my recommendations would be...

    its a great keyboard, lots of features. If I could get one in the UK, i would

    and mouse...

    the sentinel. its packed full of features, has great reviews, and looks awesome. i love mine.

    i hate logitech peripherals. all crap IMHO :D :p

    Best thing to do would be to see if you can try any out. There is more To a mouse than lights and buttons. weight is crucial.
  3. well the cooler-master sentinel looks like it will be my next mouse! thanks guys

    ill look into the cyborg keyboard as my friend has it but damn it looks huge!
    no thoughts about the saitek eclipse ii?
  4. What types of games do you play?

    If you're an FPS player try either the DeathAdder or Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 (for low sensitivity).
  5. i play rts/(few) fps but i do play them/mmorpg that sort of thing

    the red Lachesis looks so cool but i don't know how it would feel on my hand

    right now im using an aging Microsoft wireless laser mouse 6000
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    Microsoft intellimice are crap for gaming go for a Cooler Master mouse.

    The Sentinel and the Inferno are first rate mice.
    Here's review on the new CM Inferno gaming mouse.
    Also Logitech has new KB the G510 same as the G110 but has an LCD and new colours.
  7. Logitech G15, it has a nice lcd screen that makes you look hardcore, or the G19 if you want to spend more money. I use the G15 keyboard, and a Razer Naga, but it glows blue. 17 buttons are awesome though.
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