Refresh rate problem in either lcd mon or graphic card

i have a samsung lcd monitor with native refresh rate of 60HZ. However while booting the screen always resets to 70HZ. Due to this the boot up scree, bios setup screen and the operating system selection screen do not look clear i.e there is some flickering in the letters.

However once the os gets booted i.e either xp or linux the screen reverts to the native rate of 60HZ and every thing looks properly. This means that there is no problem during the time

In the operating system there is an option to select the refresh rate. However during booting and also in the bios setup program there are no options to set the refresh rates. Also the monitor does not have any button for setting the refresh rates.

Could anyone tell me how to reset the refresh rate of the lcd monitor from bios or from lcd monitor itself
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  1. The refresh rate is a function of the video card driver. You can not set this from the monitor as the video card is what is outputting to your display. Your BIOS and windows startup has a set resolution and many monitors have a higher refresh refrate at a lower, non native resolution. If you go into the display properties and find the drop down menu that displays the possible screen settings you will see that some of the lower resolutions support 70Hz. Your native resolution may be 1680x1050 @60Hz. However, it may support 800x600 @70Hz along with many other combinations.

    I have never seen a BIOS that allows you to set the resolution and refresh rate. It is a function of the video driver no matter what operating system you are using.
  2. Until a driver loads, the GPU should be operating a 640x480 @ 60Hz...
  3. Thanks jay2tall and gamerk316. Previously in my pc the bootup screen, the bios setup screens and the os choice screens were looking properly. But due to some unknown changes in the monitor or motherboard the above screens flicker. Is it possible to make some changes in the firmware of the lcd monitor or the motherboard so that the refresh rate / resolutions are reset to the original and good values.
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