Acceptable Temp's for Overclocking a CPU

hey guys, i just O'D my 1055T proc from 2.8 to 3.66 and i wanted to know what an acceptable temperature range is. I'm using a Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme for CPU cooling, and I'm using Speed Fan to monitor temps. so right now at idle I'm sitting at 36C and while playing SC2 and Dirt2 earlier today, for about an hour, the temps got up to 52C, soon as i stopped playing the temp almost immediately dropped into the 40's

This is my first overclock job so I'm just making sure that I'm within an acceptable range. let me know what u guys think. Thanks
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  1. ok cool, so just so i know, what would be a bad temperature range to be in?
  2. ok, cool, thanks
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