How to make the system boot from cd/dvd writer with CD in it insted boot from a hdd .
hdd is on motherboard sata port and dvd in on sata port on rocket raid 1640 card.

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  1. Two ways. You can select the boot device at startup (usually done by holding control while booting), or you can manually set the boot device in your BIOS. To get into the BIOS, you'll need to hit F1, Delete or something like that when booting. There will probably be some text on your screen when you boot that says something like "Press F1 to enter setup" that tells you what key to hit.
  2. Thanks for advice,

    I tried that ,but in BIOS i can only choose between order of boot devices(first,second,etc...) and that order is for devices who are attached to a motherboar
    not for a device/devices on raid card rocket 1640.Whats happend anyway ?
    when the system boots (i choose dvd/cd rom as a first boot device) system first
    initialise bios in the motherboard (he doesnt see dvd as a attach device,he is on controller !!!) ,after that start raid bios rutine,normally that rutine cant find sata dvd i dont know why and after that ,whe raid rutine finished then starts win xp on boot hdd.
    in windows xp i dont have dvd ,windows doesnt see him :(((

    Best regards
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