Ned help with new prebuilt system

I just recently bought a new HP computer ( and it is being shipped as I type this. Unforunatley I just found out it only comes with a 460W power supply. From what I've read and heard that is REALY low. Should I throw down $100 bucks and buy a 750W power supply (i know it is more than I need atm but I plan on upgrading the graphics card in about a year so there is no harm done) or should i just use the 460W power supply for now and see how it goes. In my opinion I think it is dangerous to run the computer with the 460W power supply but I am not an expert so I thought I'd check here. ;P

Off Topic: I was also wondering about what your oppinions are on this machine from a gaming standpoint. I think it should perform very well but again, I'm not an expert.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, 460W is probably plenty for the build as is. If you're willing to buy a good 750W, it's a shame you didn't just build it from scratch. Anyway, I'd probably wait until you buy a new/additional GPU, or whatnot.
  2. I'd stick with stock until like Chuckles said. You don't need more than what you use since the new PSU won't pull the extra wattage since you have nothing that needs extra. As far as dangeruos goes I don't follower the thought process behind it so if you could go into that further. They make the systems with the correct power supply for the job.

    I would have also recommended a custom build most prebuilt systems are not useful in a gaming aspect and im sure some will argue with that. If you had gaming in mind it is really best to go custom.

    Just buying a cheaper famous maker then swapping out the PSU and adding a new graphics card isn't really a way to go to get the best performance since the other hardware itself isn't up to par not to mention proper ventilation.

    The link didn't work for me so I can't really give my opinion on teh computer.
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