My nvidia geforce 8400 problem

my nvidia geforce 8400 with 512 memory problem with my game. whenever i play cross fire or any other game it destroy graphics or my computer give blue error and reset. i m using dell dimension 8300. it has ddr 1 ram and agp port. i m using pci port for card and geforce 8400 is pci express card. is it compatibility issue or card issue plz tell me so i take some decision to change my pc or change my card.
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  1. A PCI express card does not fit in a PCI slot without a hammer!
  2. i does not know nvidia 8400 is pci card or pci express. i just read in website that it is pciexpress.
  3. i just want to know that it is card issue or compatibility issue.
  4. The 8400 is not considered a gaming card. It is really hard to tell what your issue is but it should be fully compatible with your computer. The first thing to do is install the newest drivers for it.
  5. it hapent to me in my hp pavillion m9040n and turn out to be the power supply...
    i open my power suply and there 4 capacitor blow up could be your case but to be honest AGP Is old Same as your card so Change both u wiill be much happy..
  6. i found a 8800 gt alpha dog edition for 40$ on craiglist
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